All of our products are designed and produced in accordance with International & European safety standards. Quality is the most important aspect of our range. The quality of our products is supported by manufacturers' warranties.

We will grant an operational warranty under the following terms and conditions:

The warranty period is 1-10 years from the date of purchase, depending on the type and range of product..

The products are guaranteed against material, manufacturing or design faults whereby the scientific and technical state of the art applicable at the time the products were manufactured is relevant. Excluded are replaceable bulbs, batteries, starters and other wear & tear parts and consumables.

We can either repair or replace the product or refund the consumer the purchase price. We will replace the old product with a new product of the same model, type and quality free of charge. If the product purchased is no longer manufactured at the time we are notified of the fault, we will supply a similar product.

We do not refund assembly and disassembly costs, transport costs and other expenses, postage fees and similar costs. Furthermore, the guarantee does not include compensation for damage due to interruption of operation, loss of profit, and other direct and indirect consequential damage, wasted expenditure, installation and de-installation costs, etc. We cannot be held liable for transport damage or transport loss.

The guarantee only applies if:
The products are used as intended
No unauthorised adjustments/modifications are made to the product by a third party
The products are maintained and cared for as specified in the operating instructions
The products are installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions
The product surfaces do not display any signs of chemical or physical damage caused by improper handling (e.g. use of unsuitable cleaning agents or sharp objects)

We must be promptly notified of any defect/fault, within 30 days of detecting it otherwise we will not recognise the claim. To make a claim under the warranty, submit the proof of purchase, including the date of purchase and the product designation.

Statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by and apply in addition to this guarantee. The same applies to claims against the seller.