Artificial Topiary

Artificial Topiary

Artificial topiary offers a beautiful, elegant and convenient way to decorate gardens, entrances, pathways, commercial premises and more. The decorative ornamental shapes of these artificial plants and trees helps to create a stunning and inviting scene. Unlike real topiary trees, our faux topiary does not grow or lose its shape. It requires no pruning or complex care. Simply place these artificial topiary plants around your space and they will instantly add a touch of glamour and sophistication. Our range of artificial topiary includes beautiful, high quality, handmade artificial boxwood balls, buxus trees, cedar pines, spiral trees and more. They are designed to offer extremely realistic and detailed topiary, without the maintenance and care required with natural plants and trees.

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The Benefits Of Artificial Topiary

Artificial topiary allows you to decorate areas in and around your home in a classic and elegant style, without the maintenance involved in caring for natural topiary trees and plants.

Our extensive artificial topiary range includes everything from boxwood balls to spiral trees and buxus trees. No matter the size of the area you want to decorate - whether it be your garden, decking, balcony, or front door - there are suitable faux topiary pieces in our range.

Natural topiary trees can be very delicate, and require regular pruning, maintenance and care. Maintaining perfectly shaped topiary is incredibly difficult and requires skill, patience and the ideal environmental conditions. If you want the beautiful looks of topiary trees around your home, but do not want to spend the time and money required on upkeep, artificial topiary trees offer the ideal solution.

Our fake topiary plants and trees and handmade by experts, to look as realistic and as stunning as possible. Some of the topiary trees in our range have fire protection and UV protection, so they are safe to use at home and in commercial spaces, and they will not be damaged the the sun.

Types Of Artificial Topiary

Topiary has been a regular feature in ornamental gardens since the Roman era. Typically used in English gardens for framing entrances, enhancing decking areas, creating rooftop gardens or eye-catching garden displays, topiary offers a contemporary and stylish feature for your outdoor space.

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