Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

We have a stunning selection of luxurious handmade hot tubs available to order online or over the phone. Our outdoor hot tub spas feature handmade wooden frames and panelling along with fibreglass inner pools. This range of traditional wooden Scandinavian style hot tubs offers the ultimate outdoor relaxation experience, for gardens as well as holiday resorts, cabins, spas, hotels and more.

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Luxurious Scandinavian Style Wooden Hot Tubs

Our luxurious Scandinavian style wooden hot tubs from Rexener offer the perfect place to relax and unwind in peace – either in the garden or in hotels, spas, cabins and holiday resorts.

Inspired by northern nature, these hot tubs are built by hand in Finland, using northern spruce for the wooden frame and panelling, and a durable fibreglass pool for the interior. Designed and built to the utmost quality, Rexener hot tubs come with a three-year warranty and the fibreglass pool is guaranteed for up to 10 years.

These luxurious wooden hot tubs can be installed above ground or even built into a terrace area. They come with a water heater and a range of great features:

Rexener Silence Hot Tub: A traditional Scandinavian style wooden hot tub, with an atmospheric wood burning stove to heat the water and a black fibreglass pool. It offers space for 4-8 people, quiet operation and no electricity is required to use it.

Rexener Aurora Hot Tub: A modern Scandinavian style wooden hot tub with the Rexener PR200 thermostat-controlled water heater and a white fibreglass pool. It also offers space for 4-8 people and features a mass filter, water recirculation pump and LED light. The filter, pump and thermostat-controlled heater allow the water to be kept warm and clean over long periods of time, meaning fewer water changes and the ability to use the hot tub all year round.

Rexener Polar Hot Tub: This model offers everything the Aurora offers, including the Rexener PR200 thermostat-controlled water heater, mass filter, water recirculation pump and LED light, as well as a jet system with 8 nozzles which adds an extra touch of luxury to the bathing experience. The Polar hot tub is available with either a black or white inner pool.

Rexener Unnukka Hot Tub: A beautiful round Scandinavian style wooden hot tub, with Rexener PR200 thermostat-controlled water heater, water recirculation pump, mass filter & LED light. This model is suitable for 4-6 people and comes with a grey fibreglass pool.

Hot Tub Accessories: We have a range of accessories available for Rexener hot tubs, including insulating covers, steps, head rests and water cleaning products. View the full range of hot tub accessories.

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