Rexener Polar Gabro Black Hot Tub with PR200 Water Heater & Jet System - Handmade in Finland


- Luxurious Scandinavian Style Hot Tub
- Handmade Wooden Frame
- Durable Black Fibreglass Pool
- PR200 Thermostat Controlled Water Heater
- 1,500L Capacity
- For 4-8 People
- Thermal Insulation & Protective Housing
- Water Circulation Pump
- Mass Filter To Keep Water Clean
- LED Light - Jet System With 8 Nozzles

3 Year Guarantee

Rexener Polar Gabro Black Hot Tub

The Rexener Polar is a luxurious Scandinavian style hot tub with a wooden frame, Northern wild spruce wooden cladding and gabro black fibreglass inner pool for 4–8 people. It is handmade in Finland and features an efficient Rexener P200 water heater with thermostat to heat the water. The water heater operates with just the press of a button, heating up the pool in less than two hours! It takes considerably less time to heat than when heating with wood, produces minimal emissions and offers consistent water temperature. The arctic white fibreglass pool is ergonomically designed, easy to clean, hygienic, durable. The included mass filter and water circulation pump help to keep the water heated efficiently and help to clean the water, extending the amount of time between water changes. The jet system features 8 nozzles and adds a touch of luxury to the pool. This hot tub comes with a 3 year warranty and the inner fibreglass pool is guaranteed for up to 10 years.

More Information

Rexener PR200 Water Heater

The Rexener Polar hot tub heats up quickly and easily with its advanced Rexener PR200 water heater. This heater can heat the water from +7 degrees to +38 degrees in less than two hours, with just the press of a button. When the heater is running, its fuel consumption is just 2L/hour. The thermostat will turn the heater off when the water reaches the right temperature, saving on fuel consumption. When the water temperature falls by 2–4 degrees, the heater will turn itself back on to maintain the set temperature.

You can lower the temperature to +10 degrees if the hot tub is not in constant active use. This prevents the water from freezing and helps to save energy.

This efficient water heater can be fuelled using diesel or bio-diesel such as Neste MY and Aspen fuels, among others. It does not generate smoke that might disturb your neighbours. It generates only minimal emissions.

High Quality Fibreglass Pool

The fibreglass inner pool is durable, robust, easy to clean and guaranteed for up to 10 years. It can be filled with fresh water or even sea water. The fibreglass pool corners have comfortable, slanted backrests, and there’s plenty of foot space in the middle. It is also fairly deep in the midsection, which makes the pool feel very large. The pool also has a step that makes it easy to climb in and out. This can also be used as a children’s seat when necessary.

This model of the Polar hot tub comes with a gabro black fibreglass pool. The Polar hot tub is also available with an arctic white pool.

Mass Filter, Water Circulation Pump & Jet System

The mass filter keeps the hot tub water clean for a long time, so you can keep the same water in the hot tub for up to several months without having to keep draining the pool. It comes with the required number of filter fibre balls included. You can use pool chemicals to extend the water replacement interval. If you use pool chemicals, keep the water’s pH within the set limits, i.e. 7.0–7.6.

The Rexener PR200 water heater is so efficient that it requires a high-volume water circulation pump to circulate the water. The capacity of the Rexener water circulation pump is 6,100 l/h.

The jet system features eight nozzles with an efficient air pump. It adds a touch of luxury to the bathing experience.

Inspired By Northern Nature

The colours and material choices used in the crafting of Rexener hot tubs are inspired by northern nature. The pool colours, for example, reflect the building blocks of the dream-like winter landscape – white snow and the black granite stone of the north, Gabro.

Versatile Installation

The square shape of the Polar hot tub makes it easier to install in a range of different spaces. It must be placed on an even surface that can withstand its total weight when full. (ca. 2,000 kg). The hot tub can be set on a bed of crushed stone, or on a concrete base. It can also be installed or embedded in a terrace.
In choosing the spot for your hot tub, remember to consider where you’ll drain the water. It is possible to direct the water flow elsewhere with a hose. The drainage valve is on the heater side of the tub, and fits hoses with a 25-mm inner diameter.

Rexener Polar hot tubs can be used in the winter. However, do not allow water to freeze inside the water heater/hot tub/water circulation pump. If you wish, you can keep enough water warm so that it can’t freeze, which means you do not need to drain the pool. If the heater is not in use (or the hot tub is otherwise kept warm), the pool must be drained before temperatures drop below zero.

The fuel will keep in its tank, which means you do not need to drain the fuel tank even in freezing temperatures. We recommend replacing the fuel if it has remained unused for a long time.

Please note: Make sure you use winterised fuel when using the heater in freezing temperatures.

Accessories Available

We have a range of great accessories available for this hot tub, including wooden steps to gain access into the hot tub from the ground, and an insulated cover to protect the pool when not in use and to keep the heat contained inside the pool when it is being warmed up.

Easy Upkeep & Top-Class Support

Rexener hot tubs offer a luxurious addition to your outdoor space. They are designed and built to last. They have been designed to minimise the number of accessories and unnecessary parts, making the hot tub easy to maintain. If you wish, you can maintain your hot tub on your own. Rexener also provides a maintenance service and full availability of spare parts to repair your hot tub if needed.

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Package contains
Square gabro black fibreglass pool
Wild spruce frame, treated to a lichen grey with wood oil.
Rexener PR200 water heater + RST chimney with hood + fuel tank
Polyurethane insulation
Mass filter kit (incl. water circulation pump)
Pre-installed tubes and bushings (hoses, bushings, tighteners, etc.)
LED lights
Whirlpool bath kit
Protective case (for water heater and mass filter kit) 87 x 96 x 157 cm (depth x height x width)

Technical information:
Volume: 1300-1500 litres
Max. Depth: 1000 mm
Persons: max. 8
Dry weight: ca. 200kg
Weight When Full: ca. 2000kg
Outer dimensions: 190 x 190 x 110 cm (width x depth x height)
Inner dimensions: 223 cm
Leg space diameter: 77 cm
Heating type: Rexener PR200 water heater
Water heater weight: 43 kg
Power of the water heater: 20 kW
Water heater consumption: 2 L/h
Fuel: Biodiesel, diesel or red diesel
Power consumption: 80W / 230v
Water heater dimensions: 38 × 58 × 86 cm (width x depth x height)
Noise Level: 48 dB
Control: Digital touch panel
Tank: 23 L external tank
Water Connection: 38 – 75 mm (38 mm inner diameter)
Thermostat: 0-45ºC
Frame material Finnish spruce
Standards EN17125
Water drainage: There is a drainage plug at the bottom to make draining the pool easy. At the bottom of the wooden frame, next to the heater, you will find a 1” drainage tap that can be connected to a 25-mm hose.
Water must not be allowed to freeze inside the hot tub. The P200 water heater allows you to keep water from freezing at all times. No parts in the hot tub are damaged by sub-zero temperatures.

SKU: REXP22030
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3 Year Guarantee

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