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    We have a wonderful selection of infrared patio heaters available to buy online with delivery to Clevedon! Our range includes mini patio heaters, designed to slide under an outdoor table, as well as large freestanding infrared heaters and wall-mounted outdoor heaters. Our infrared patio heaters are sleek, modern and efficient outdoor heaters, designed to keep you and your guests warm and comfortable when eating, drinking and relaxing outdoors. They can be used at home, as well as at restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, events and more. Take a look at the range on our website and order online.

    What Clevedon Patio Heater Customers Say About Us:

    Rated Excellent for Patio Heaters in Clevedon

    Rated Excellent for
    Patio Heaters in Clevedon

    Rated Excellent for Patio Heaters in Clevedon

    Sealey IFSH1809R Carbon Fibre Infrared Patio Heater with Telescopic Floor Stand 230v

    This has been perfect for at our outdoor shows - Of an evening it cools down but this keeps our stand very warm and also draws some customers in to keep warm whilst then making purchases

    Mr Coogan

    Rated Excellent for Patio Heaters in Clevedon!

    Your kit is so cost effective. Its been weeks and I am still in shock that I got this heater for such great value. Keep up what youre doing!


    Rated Excellent for Patio Heaters in Clevedon

    Gas Heater

    Bought a commcial gas patio heater for my restaurnat. I usuaully manage to get about 4 weeks out of a single gas cannister in the Autumn. Good value for alfresco diners.

    Robbie Paulson