Fire Stoves

Fire Stoves

Our range of wood burning & multi fuel fire stoves offers a rustic & traditional heating option for rooms in the home, as well as outbuildings, cabins, extensions and conservatories. These Eco Design ready stoves are available to order online or over the phone. Eco Design is a new standard of stove design that substantially reduces the harmful emissions added to the atmosphere by the burning of wood.

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Wood Burning & Multi Fuel Fire Stoves

Beautiful stoves for homes, outbuildings, cabins, pubs, restaurants & more

Our range of wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves offer a stunning addition to rooms in the home, outbuildings, cabins and conservatories, as well as restuarants, pubs and hotels. These fire stoves not only look elegant and traditional, but they conform to the latest Eco Design standards, for efficient and clean burning.

We have a range of sizes and styles of stoves available and either wood burning or multi fuel models. Multi fuel stoves, as the name suggests, can burn more than just wood. As well as logs, they can burn a variety of other materials, including peat or turf briquettes, coal, anthracite and other smokeless fuels. If you are considering buying a multi fuel stove and live in a smoke control area, it is worth noting that you can only use smokeless fuel. If you also want to burn wood, then you will need to purchase a DEFRA approved multi fuel stove.

The inside of a multi fuel stove is a little different to a wood burner. They feature a riddling grate that sits above the floor of the stove, which aids airflow to help combustion of smokeless fuels. The riddling grate allows for ash to then be collected in the ashpan which can then be cleaned out after use – it is important the ashpan is cleaned regularly so that air can flow freely around the stove and fuels can burn efficiently.

Take a look at our range of stunning stoves on our website and enquire online or over the phone for more information. You can place an order online or over the phone with our sales team.

What Is An 'Eco Design Ready' Stove?

Eco Design is a new standard of stove design that substantially reduces particulates added to the atmosphere by the burning of wood. This is 80% less so than an open fire. The latest eco stoves really are more efficient and better for our planet than previous designs. From 2022 wood burning stoves not approved as “Ecodesign” will not be able to be sold.

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