Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

Our artificial cherry blossoms offer the beautiful, realistic, colourful foliage and flowers of natural cherry trees, but without the maintenance and care required to look after a real tree. Our range of artificial cherry trees includes a selection of the highest quality handmade pieces, in a choice of colours and sizes. The branches, leaves and cherry blossom are individually placed by hand to offer the most beautiful aesthetic. These trees can be placed around your garden, on your decking or patio, in a restaurant, bar, hotel or office, to create a stunning scene.

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The Benefits Of Artificial Cherry Blossom

Exquisite Handmade Quality - Our artifical cherry blossom trees are handmade in the UK using the finest materials, by experts in the industry. Each branch, leaf and flower is individually placed, to offer the realistic look of a natural cherry blossom.

Lavish Colour & Rich Detail - We have faux cherry blossom trees available in a choice of beautiful colours and a selection of sizes. We have both artificial pink cherry blossom and white blossom available. So whatever your preference, there is an option in our collection. The colours of these cherries are absolutely stunning. They are bright, rich, natural colours, and the leaves are full of realistic texture and detail. Some of our cherry trees have natural wood tree tunks, to add to the realistic effect.

Low Maintenance - Our fake cherry blossom trees offer the beauty of a natural tree but without the maintenance - they will not wilt and die, and no watering or prooning is required. If you want the look of a real tree without the effort of caring for it, a fake cherry blossom offers the perfect solution. Simply wipe the leaves and flowers occasionally to prevent a buildup of dust and dirt, to maintain the amazing colour of these artificial trees.

Look Wonderful All Year Round - Whilst a real cherry blossom tree only flowers for a short period each year, an artificial cherry blossom displays its flowers all year round. It will not suffer through the winter like a natural plant or tree. Faux cherry trees stay in bloom all year, and there is no risk of them dying or suffering with disease.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Areas - Whether you are looking to create a peaceful and relaxing area in your garden, or whether you are looking to decorate your office, hotel, restaurant or bar, our artificial cherry blossoms offer a charming, elegant and convenient way of brightening up your outdoor or indoor space. They come with small starter planters as standard, but they can be paired with one of our beautiful decorative planters to create the perfect look for your space.

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