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  • Top Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

    Top Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

    People nowadays tend to stay at home more often, especially after COVID. Since people are used to the new normal, livening up outdoor areas with aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture becomes a huge topic. The rise of the trend has encouraged people to transform their outdoor spaces. Since homeowners around the world are spending more and more on furniture, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some tips on how to make them last longer! 

    Pandora Leaf Gazebo 3x3m

    However, outdoor furniture is like our cars, which need our attention, love and care from time to time. Proper maintenance and protection would make it last longer. Below are some top tips for you to protect them so they can accompany you and your family for many more precious moments to come.

    Make good use of covers

    A good cover protects your furniture from debris, weather elements and fading. It should fit your furniture comfortably for the best performance. Investing in the right cover is important, as the unseen wear and tear caused by incorrect measurements could cost you a fortune in the end.

    We have a wide range of furniture covers that suit your needs. It ranges from individual pieces of furniture like daybeds and parasols to furniture sets like corner sets and sofa sets.

    Life Nevada Corner Cover (320x320 cm)

    By the way, have you ever wondered why the covers aren’t sealed underneath? This is because air is needed to prevent mould and mildew from growing underneath your furniture. Touching or inhaling them may trigger allergic reactions that could ruin your day!

    It’s good practice to cover your outdoor furniture when it's not in use. Covering them before a downpour or even just a precipitation prevents them from degrading too soon. Another thing is that the covers would keep your furniture from dust. You wouldn’t want to add an extra item to your hoovering checklist, wouldn’t you?

    Make smart choices

    Yes, furniture covers could save the day when necessary. Yet, it’s more important to buy the right piece of furniture - a durable piece that lasts as long as possible! When choosing furniture, it’s crucial to have a look at the materials it is made of. In terms of a cushion, you may opt for a durable surface like an acrylic/polyester mix. It would be a plus if it had a showerproof coating. For the frame, the weather-resistant resin would be a nice choice as it resists cracking, peeling, rusting and rotting. It also offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to design and style. Almost all of our outdoor sets are showerproof and easy to care for - perfect for working families! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are in any doubt.

    Armona Sofa Set made of weather-resistant resin that comes with luxurious showerproof polyester cushions

    Harry Potter’s wand is made of holly, but it is still so durable that it has withstood a lot of attacks! Would it be possible that it is actually made of magnesium oxide (MGO) and made to look like Holly? MGO is a man-made material that offers exceptional resistance to heat, UV, frost, rust and weather. If you fancy a piece of wood-like material that is fire and water-resistant, magnesium oxide (MGO) might just be the solution for you. The Calida MGO Fire Pit & Cooking Grill are made of MGO and designed to look like concrete and wood. Who says you can’t combine aesthetics and practicality? 

    Calida MGO Fire Pit & Cooking Grill

    Make way for them

    One more piece of advice to expand the life of your furniture - store them properly! For detachable items, mainly cushions, it would be better to take them indoors or put them in a storage box when they are not in use. Our 570L Brushed Storage Box is made of strong water-resistant moulded resin and is lockable. Perfect for your cushions!

    570L Brushed Storage Box made of strong moulded resin

    A secure and sturdy storage shed is also a good idea if you have things that are taller. Hideaway Storage Shed is finished in an Anthracite/Grey wood look, which is not a compromise for your stunning garden design! Again, it is made of strong moulded resin, so the weather would not be an issue. 

    Hideaway Storage Shed made of strong moulded resin

    Fun fact for you - a parasol is not just for human beings! Keeping some of your smaller outdoor furniture in the shade helps as well. When you are using the furniture, don’t forget to open up a parasol or a canopy to protect yourself and your furniture from the sun. When you are not using your furniture, store it under a shaded structure if possible. A gazebo would be a nice alternative if there isn’t any shade in your back garden. Every little helps, right?

    2.7m Carrousel Parasol

    Sliding Roof Gazebo 2.8x2.8m

    They are our three ‘Makes’ that might give you a break! You don’t have to worry about your outdoor furniture as much anymore, but it should stay in the best condition for longer. Remember, your outdoor furniture is just like your car. Constant love and care are necessary!