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  • How to Transform Your Garden into a Relaxing Tropical Paradise

    How to Transform Your Garden into a Relaxing Tropical Paradise

    Your garden is meant to be a space for you to unwind and relax. For some, the soothing sounds of wind blowing through leaves provide a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. Others may prefer admiring the gentle, warm sun while sitting in a relaxing hammock. Either way, you will be able to find a sense of tranquillity and get away from worldly stresses.

    Imagine being able to recreate your unforgettable luxury hotel experience within the comfort of your own garden, where you can spend as much time as you desire. Doesn’t it sound exciting? With that in mind, here are some effortless ideas for you to convert your garden into a private tropical retreat.

    1. Organise Your Thoughts

    If you have decided to do it, then do it right! Effective planning is crucial, as it not only minimises the risk of stress and uncertainty but also helps to eliminate unproductive activities. Without a well-thought-out strategy, your garden transformation could be in great danger!

    It’s not about a full-on roadmap that defines tasks, timelines and resource allocation. Remember, this transformation is meant for relaxation, not to stress you out! You may start by coming up with a preliminary idea of how your perfect tropical paradise would look. Think about the size of the transformation and which part of your garden will be used. Then, it’s all down to the most important thing - budgeting! An approximate budget would help you prioritise the purchase of decorations and furniture. You don’t want to overspend on the greenery and then run out of budget for a proper hammock for sunset!

    2. Set the Tone with the Right Colour

    One more thing, you may want to pick a colour palette for the transformation, as it determines the overall look and feel of the design. To create a tropical garden with a Maldivian flair, choose a light and airy colour scheme that evokes a sense of calm. Light shades of blue, green and beige are some good options, as they have a low saturation level to give a delicate and airy feel. You can use them individually or combine them in various ways. Either way, you will be able to create a harmonious and cohesive colour scheme that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

    You may also want to incorporate a tropical colour palette to emphasise the warm tropical tone. Why not add shades of blue-green hues to bring a touch of clear sky and cool water? Warm golden and pink hues are ideal for creating a cosy sunset atmosphere.

    Find the right colour pair that works for you. And the rest is our job!

    3. Make It Tropical

    There must be plenty of lush greenery and vivid flowers for a tropical design to mimic the Maldives' style! You might want to bring in a wide variety of plant species, such as palm trees, bamboo and orchids, to create a sense of being in a far-off, relaxing destination. However, you might need an unexpectedly big vacant space to accommodate these plants. And of course, a tremendous amount of effort to look after them.

    Fancy an alternative that has no compromise on aesthetics? Consider replacing real plants with our incredibly realistic artificial greenery! They require minimal maintenance and do not require complex care like pruning, fertilisation and hefty irrigation. Our wide range of artificial plants and trees is going to spoil you with loads of choices. Ficus, palm trees and monstera are some of the popular choices for creating a tropical garden.

    Don’t forget planters and troughs! They are often underestimated for their importance in maintaining a harmonious design. A bright red urn would completely ruin your tropical paradise, wouldn’t it? Ranging from a Rome urn to a taupe round pot, you will find one that perfectly complements the colour of your tropical plants as well as your overall design.

    4. Must-Have Items for the Transformation

    Now that the stage is set, let’s get some bits and bobs in place to create an immersive, visually stunning, and unforgettable tropical experience that enchants your friends and family!

    Swing Seats & Hammocks

    Salsa Hammock with Apollo Stand
    Credit: Amazonas

    What’s better than soaking up the sun in a gently rocking hammock? We have curated a variety of hammocks in different styles and colours. Swing seats are also a stunning alternative if you prefer to have back support. 

    Sun Loungers

    A sun lounger is a perfect place to spend a nice afternoon. Indulge yourself in a nice book while admiring your wonderfully designed tropical paradise! Pair it with a side table with a built-in ice bucket so you can enjoy a refreshing, chilled drink while relaxing!

    Pergola & Gazebo

    What’s the point of creating a tropical paradise if you don’t invite your friends and family to come over? Depending on the size you need, you can pick between a pergola and a gazebo. Both of them offer a comfortable seating area that allows you and your friend to spend more time unwinding in your transformed garden. Some feature adjustable curtains on their sides, which can be used to keep insects at bay or allow refreshing evening breezes to flow through. Perfect for a delightful and comfortable gathering!